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The Year 2011 In Outfits

Bevor ich mit meinem richtigen Jahresrückblick anfange, habe ich mir gedacht, ich zeige euch meine Lieblingsoutfits aus diesem Jahr. Wenn ihr auf die einzelnen Bilder klickt, gelangt ihr zum jeweiligen Artikel, in dem dann noch mehr Fotos zu finden sind, wie auch noch mehr Informationen, zum Beispiel wann und wo ich den Look getragen habe. Das sind ganz schön viele Fotos geworden, aber es sind wirklich nur die (meiner Meinung nach) besten dabei!

Before starting with my real review of this year, I thought it would be nice showing you all my favorite looks from the last months. By clicking on the pictures you can read the articles belonging to them – just to read where and when I wore it. I know, there are too many pictures – but these are only my favorite ones!

~ January ~

~ February ~

~ March ~

~ April ~

~ May ~

~ June ~

~ August ~

~ September ~

~ October ~

~ November ~

~ December ~

Welches gefällt euch am besten? :) Ich mag ja die letzten beiden aus dem Dezember sehr.

So tell my, which one is your favorite? I just like the last ones both from december.

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10 comments on “The Year 2011 In Outfits

  1. You are awesomely stylish. But the blue summer dress is the prettiest, I am afraid.

  2. Laapa says:

    I really like your style! And I think March no 2 was my favourite :) if you want, please check out my blog and tell me what you think of it? :)

  3. Oh, die mit dem rosa Kleid aus dem Juni sind soooooo schön! Du siehst wirklich hübsch aus dort, mann! Schöner Überblick! :)

  4. Wundervolle Bilder und wundervolle Outfits!
    Im ersten Augustfoto erinnerst du mich irgendwie an Jackie Kennedy, nur eben mit langen Haaren :)

  5. Mom says:

    Also, ich kann mich nicht entscheiden, das sind so viele gelungene Bilder mit tollem Styling dabei, und Du siehst auf allen glücklich aus, das ist das Wichtigste

  6. Veronika says:

    you put together some nice outfits :) have a nice day!

  7. Marianne M. says:

    Seriously i go on vacations for a few days and you have bunch of new posts?
    now i have to check them out all in one…
    lol not complaining here, i am actually glad that you posted!

    this post is actually a great idea since its a way for the fresh new readers to get in touch with your style through the beggining
    and as a crazy wacko reader i am here to comment.
    but let me start with thanking u for your comment on my blog ( i am not wrting or linking it here since u said that my comments ended up on spam territory)…i was sooooooooo happy wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii happy while reading it,
    comments make me happy oh yeah they dooooooooooo
    thanks for explaining to me how you get your designer stuff, i saw the louboutins on your prior post
    i guess i have to save up and get myself some, i mean they are not that expensive, you can buy non designer stuff with 280. and louboutin is a GOD so every woman has to have one
    i am so jealous of u right now
    they are gorgeousssssssss
    but back to your post (this will be an extremely long comment-bare with me-and don’t be angry- if you wish to be angry and comment back on my blog then do so-hehe kidding- i know u won’t be angry)..
    i love the edgyness, badness and sexyness of your first two pics and outfits, i would so wear them both.
    and i love august’s first post its so chic and so femenine.
    generally i really like your style, you have an effortless chic vibe that translates into a beautiful image for our eyes.
    (by the way i just got the liebster award (wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii happpppppppppppppppppppy i can’t believe i got it) and i’ve learnt that liebster means dearest- but why didn’t i ever think of it? isn’t liebe love in german???
    my first love was from germany and if i remember correctly that’s the word) and yeah this is completely irrevelant but i remembered it while writing “love, marianne”
    and i had to ask it since u speak german…
    lol i am crazy sorry…

  8. Toller Rückblick!!!

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  9. MissBeuaty says:

    Wirklich eine schöne Idee und auch super schöne, stylische und nette Outfits… Vermisse allerdings ein Krawatten-Outfit…
    nicht desto trotz weiter so…!